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Leaders: Just like in the most basic step, extend your left arm to the followers to allow her to do her Rock Step. Immediately after, as you do the side triple step to the left - raise the left arm just above the follower's head (indicating a turn coming up) You can also count in 8s when you have more than 6 steps. The most important to note in the beginning is that both steps in the rock step are full beats so you must fill them out. How To Swing Dance Basics: Lesson #1: Swing basic step: Here is the 1st basic step of Swing dance. This move consists of a rock step and 2 triple steps The Basic Step in East Coast Swing is a simple, repeatable pattern representing the most rudimentary version of 6-count (basic) timing. It consists of two chasses and a rock step: The first chasse is to man's left/lady's right (1a2). The second chasse is in the opposite direction -- man to right and lady to left (3a4) Swing is a part of Java Foundation classes (JFC), the other parts of JFC are java2D and Abstract window toolkit (AWT). AWT, Swing & Java 2D are used for building graphical user interfaces (GUIs) in java. In this tutorial we will mainly discuss about Swing API which is used for building GUIs on the top of AWT and are much more light-weight. The Sugar push is the most basic step of West Coast Swing, and you can consider it the foundation of the other, more difficult, steps. To give you a brief summary of the step, the backbone of the sugar push is step, step, triple-step, triple-step. Above is an example of what it will look like. Person 1

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The Anchor Step was described by Swing Hall of Fame inductee Maxwell Ho as the period at the end of the sentence within a swing dance pattern. It is composed of three beats: danced front, back, and side. However, the traveling is very minimal, causing the illusion that the swing dancer is executing fancy footwork while remaining in the same place If you want to swing dance, start by learning basic moves like the touch-step, the triple step, and the kick-ball-change, which you can practice by yourself. There are also West Coast moves, like the sugar push, and East Coast moves, like the rock-step, that you can learn with a dancing partner Tilting forward from the hips and maintaining your neutral S-curve will allow the arms to hang from the shoulders and have room to swing when the torso and shoulders turn away. Many golfers make the mistake of keeping the hips under them and then rounding forward from the neck and shoulders This five part how to video teaches you the basic steps for swing dancing. These steps are the basis for other more advanced styles of swing dance such as the Lindy Hop and the Charleston. Watch this tutorial and you'll be swing dancing in no time. Part 1 of 5 - How to Do beginner swing dance moves 2. Basic golf swing tip: Takeaway. Go to our basic golf swing takeaway tips page to find out more on the five key steps to an efficient takeaway... 1. The first two feet of the takeaway are crucial 2

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  1. The basic steps for single-time swing are: step, step, rock step. The leader will start on his left foot and the follower starts on her right. The steps are about shoulder-width apart. The leader steps left, under his left shoulder, then right, under his right shoulder
  2. Swing is a very upbeat and versatile dance. Out of many different styles, the East Coast Swing is the easiest and most suitable for beginners. To start swinging all you need to learn is a basic 6 count step
  3. How to Do Basic Swing Dance Steps. Learn how to do basic swing dance steps from dance instructors Aaron Mitchum and Kristina Reese in this ballroom dance tutorial from Howcast. Transcript. Now let's take a look at that basic action again together, one more time. And, one, two, three and four, five and six. One, two, three and four, five and.
  4. Whether you dance swing for years as if you're new to the Lindy Hop, here's a list of videos sorted alphabetically, with the main steps of Lindy. Find and learn Lindy Hop steps quickly and easily! If you are looking for a Lindy move and you don't find it, please leave us a comment on facebook and we'll find it for you
  5. West Coast swing is characterized by two basic elements: the sugar push and the anchor step. Unlike its cousin East Coast Swing Dancing, West Coast swing has less flamboyant moves, and has also been called the sophisticated swing. The dynamic between partners is flirtatious and coyly sexual, with a smooth, jazzy feel to it
  6. But the problem is many golfers have a wrong concept of how to execute a good golf swing. Even if you've been playing golf for years already, it's possible that what you think of how to make a golf swing is wrong. In this lesson, you will learn the basic fundamentals of a golf swing and discover tips on how to make an effortless golf swing

The golf swing is basically a mechanical process and as such, you can only achieve a good swing when you practice the basic sequences of these mechanics. Then they need to be repeated with each swing of the club when out on the course. The best advice I would give to anyone looking to learn the proper golf swing sequence in easy steps. Four Count Swing is Swing in even timing, one count per beat, walk-walk-rock-step. It first appeared in the 1950s as a minor variation among teenagers on American Bandstand. In the 1970s, it became a popular basic step in Disco. Variations. These variations only apply to four count swing. For general swing moves, see Swing Moves Stay balanced to swing with an average amount of power. One of the most basic issues is trying to hammer the ball to hit it long distances. This ends up reducing your power because you aren't swinging properly. Check your swing mechanics to ensure your feet and hands are balanced. Then, swing steadily without attempting to make power adjustments

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  1. Basic swing out review David and Cátia show the basic swingout a fundamental move in Lindy Hop. Follow the instructions in the video. The swingout is the most famous figure in Lindy Hop but is also quiet complicated so take your.
  2. The basic steps for the Shag follow the one-and-two, three-and-four, five-six pattern. To put it very simply, it's a lot of stepping forward and backward in those counts, switching your weight between your right and left side throughout. has been called the swing dance of the South. Now, we Southerners are bringing it back in style
  3. Blog 5 Golf Swing Basics. The best golfers make their swing look effortless. The economy of motion and smooth arc that great golfers put on display belie all the training and effort put into perfecting their swing.. However, sometimes even the best golfers have to go back to the drawing board and relearn those initial golf swing basics all over again
  4. West Coast Swing is a partner dance with roots in the Lindy Hop.It is characterized by an elastic look that results from its extension-compression technique of partner connection and is danced primarily in a slotted area on the dance floor. The dance allows for both partners to improvise steps while dancing together, putting West Coast Swing in a short list of dances that emphasize improvisation
  5. Set both feet with your weight distributed evenly on the middle part of your feet. Set your hips back, and then angle your upper body and spine forward, facing the ball. Then bend your knees a bit to get some added stability. Now you're ready to take your best shot at learning the basics of a proper swing
  6. Java Swing Tutorial. Java Swing tutorial is a part of Java Foundation Classes (JFC) that is used to create window-based applications.It is built on the top of AWT (Abstract Windowing Toolkit) API and entirely written in java. Unlike AWT, Java Swing provides platform-independent and lightweight components

East Coast swing steps can be done in single-step timing or triple-step timing, depending on the tempo of the music. Practice a few basic East Coast steps, .For more Swing basic steps visit . Learn the East Coast Swing basic dance steps in this video online. This is the triple swing .Welcome to Tropical Ballroom! We proudly share with you our dance knowledge in Ballroom, Latin, Swing, and. This concludes the basic steps of swinging! You'll simply repeat this pattern by tapping to the front or back and following it up with two sets of triple steps! Start Swing Dancing Today! We hope this guide has helped you learn how to swing dance. For more advanced swing moves and lessons, explore the rest of the free videos in this series below 2. Position of the ball in your stance. At what stage in your swing the ball is hit is as important as the swing itself. A perfect swing with the ball too far forward will result in less of the club making meaningful contact, too far back and you won't get the required loft Here's another short video that will teach the Ladies how to do the Underarm Turn (which is one of the 2 Basic Pass Steps) in the West Coast Swing—Leslie calls it a Right Side Pass. In this video, you can see the Anchor Step danced in an attractive foot position at 0:34, 0:47, 0:55, 1:06, and 1:11 —it's called 3rd Position

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  1. Learn all the basic steps and patterns in one video: SUGAR PUSH 0:53 LEFT SIDE PASS 2:53 RIGHT SIDE PASS/UNDER ARM TURN 5:13 SUGAR TUCK 8:16 TRAVELING TUCK 10:52 INSIDE ROLL 12:12 WHIP 15:54. Find this Pin and more on Danceby Lonnie Bohnen. Saved from youtube.com. West Coast Swing Basic Steps // Beginner WCS
  2. To swing a driver, start by standing 3 steps behind the ball with your feet shoulder width apart. Then, bend your knees and lean forward from the hips. Once in position, sweep the club's head back in an arc until it's behind your head. Then, swing the driver back down and straighten your arms as it approaches the ball
  3. Basic swing dance steps Feedback Needed I learned a basic 6 count step for east coast swing from my university's swing dance club, it starts with a Rock step, sidestep to the left, and sidestep to the right, does anyone know if there is a specific name for it and if anyone has any visuals I can use to help teach my GF? she is so far the only.
  4. g. This is going to be a simple GUI calculator app which will perform basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc
  5. Once the swing the chunk golfer should adhere to the steps. Within this swing hints, many different factors that golfer needs to consider once they swing the ball. We could clarify the golf swing guidelines only in six steps within a simple method. that a newcomer stick to exactly the steps and or golfer may comprehend that the Golfswing basic
  6. In golf, every player has a unique swing. However, there are basic fundamentals that are universal to hitting the ball well. By practicing these fundamentals, you can develop a more consistent swing and become a more consistent golfer
  7. Golf Swing Mechanics. Golf swing mechanics can be broken down into five general sections: The Takeaway; The Backswing; The Transition; The Downswing and Impact; The Follow Through. The following is a quick review of each of these key fundamentals to help you better understand proper golf swing mechanics. The Takeawa

Nov 12, 2017 - Learn the West Coast Swing Basic Steps for Beginner WCS. In this video, we cover everything you need to know as a Beginner WCS dancer. Sugar Push, Side Passe.. Here's a weekly on-line Modern Jive dance lesson from Dance Yourself Dizzy. This is a two part step by step from the man's perspective showing the steps in lead during basic modern jive dancing. Jive is a style of swing. Part 1 of 2 - How to Dance modern jive Ross Mernuk's Swing Dance Steps - Comprehensive listing, including a cheat sheet Keith Edwards's move list; Jiveoholics Anonymous Dance Step Database - Steps for modern jive, many of which can be used in swing dancing

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  1. If you are familiar with the West Coast Swing basic steps, try these intermediate west coast swing moves with Anthony and Rose Lewis of Country Dance X. In this intermediate WCS dance lesson, you'll learn multiple variations of th
  2. Register the driver class. Create the connection object. Create the Statement object. Execute the query. Close the connection object. There are 5 steps to connect any java application with the database using JDBC. These steps are as follows: Register the Driver class. Create connection
  3. Basic West Coast swing dancing follows a simple pattern of walking in place and two triple steps. Understand the composition of the West Coast swing with a .Learn all the basic steps and patterns in one video -- SUGAR PUSH 0:53 LEFT SIDE PASS 2:53 RIGHT SIDE PASS/UNDER ARM TURN 5:13 SUGAR TUCK . Workshop video Starter step to cool smooth WCS patterns Palm Springs Swing Dance Classic &.
  4. ute. Basic Rhythm: 1 a2, 1 a2, 1 2 (accent on 2) Featured Steps

West Coast Swing online is #1 online resource with best patterns, moves, tips & techniques for beginner to advanced dancers. Start learning This is the basic set up for a spin. Essentially the partners, holding hands, step back from one another, and then the female partner twists backward so that the partners are now in a spooning.

Saved from youtube.com. COUNTRY SWING DANCING | Basic Steps of Country Swing Dance for Beginners. July 202 West Coast Swing. • Contact - how to hold your partner. • The basic foot work. The Music Traditional West Coast Swing music is bluesy. However, a lot of different styles of music are great for dancing West Coast Swing. The rhythm is a mixture of slow walks and triple step beats. Typical West Coast Swing is danced to songs like, Black. On one, the man steps back and away to his left side foot, and the woman does the same on her right foot. On two, the two partners move their load to the next foot. Now, toss on an old swing hit and practice until your heart's sync. Swing is a fun, playful move so keep up that vitality and enjoy those moves! 3. ChaCha: Cuban Twist One of the most basic steps that you can put into action and see an immediate improvement to your golf swing is to keep your head still and look straight at the ball. The position of your head should be straight in line with your spine, and your nose should be raised up a bit so that when you start to swing, your left shoulder fits under your chin The very basic swing steps are more easily understood if visualized. A step is taken to the left, then to the right followed by three short steps. This is repeated with three steps in the opposite direction. Basic footwork can be easy to master, and there are a number of good DVDs that can teach the basic steps

Jitterbug Basic. The jitterbug basic uses the same pattern for all three rhythms of the East Coast swing. Swing dancing used single, delayed single and triple rhythms. The only difference is how many weighted steps are used for the for the side steps on counts 1,2 & 3,4. The jitterbug is also called single rhythm East Coast swing Starter Steps » The Sway (see sendouts below) » Anything from Blues/Fusion Sendouts (6 & 8 counts) » Cross Body Inside Turn Sendout » Tuck Spot Turn Sendout » Tuck Turn Down the Tracks Sendout » Tuck Double Underarm Turn Sendout Six Count Figures (6 count) » Sugar Push » Goofy Hand Sugar Push » Sunburst Sugar Push » Sugar Tuck » Inside Turn » Goofy Hand Free Spi The following 3 basic Ballroom dance steps are a perfect way to get started with social Ballroom dancing. We have included the basic dance moves for 3 popular dances: Rumba, Swing and Waltz. These lessons come directly from the Social dancing crash course where couples can learn how to dance at any social event including weddings and parties

Swing dance is a broad term to describe a variety of partner dances evolving from the 1920s to the present day. An exciting evolution in jazz music broke out of New Yorks Harlem district in the late 1920s. With this new sound, a new dance was created, called the lindy hop. Lindy hop developed from dancers mimicking other dance crazes of the. A beginner should always focus on a level swing, because that gives a better chance of making contact. When a hitter becomes more advanced, the uppercut can come back (a little) to add a lifting action to the ball for power. But focus on learning to hit the ball before making any changes to your swing Triple step Triple steps are popular in swing dancing. The Triple Step is a three step sequence taken on two beats of music. The Triple Step is a three step sequence taken on two beats of music. If the first step of the triple step is taken on count 1, the second step is taken on the half beat between counts 1&2, and the third step is taken on.

Steps to Swing a Golf Club By Sharon Penn. Learn the correct golf swing from a teaching professional. It takes practice to learn how to swing a golf club correctly. Before you go out on the golf course, it is a good idea to take a group or individual lesson from a golf teaching professional to learn the basic swing. A pro can also give you some. This section was designed to give golfers illustrated swing tips on how to swing a golf club, to present the textbook version of the perfect golf swing, essentially. It also provides information on how golfers can deviate from that perfect golf swing and instead veer towards golf swing errors

Next, practice the basic step, including the step timing, until the step is automatic - like tying a shoe. Using east coast swing as an example, practice the triple step, triple step, rock step basic until it's automatic. Next, practice this basic to music until it becomes automatic. Many basic steps can be practiced without a partner Hit A Draw In 3 Basic Steps. A Quick Guide To Creating The Ball Flight You Want By Tyler Heal . Published September 7, 2017. Nearly every golfer develops a natural shot pattern such as a fade, draw, slice or hook. Good ball strikers swing the club from the inside with the club face closed in relation to the path Follow these 7 simple steps and start hitting fairways. Class participants will learn a variety of basic steps in three of the most common ballroom dances: rumba, cha cha and swing. Beginners and veteran dancers will get a quick introduction to the basic steps as well as lead-follow and proper A web site devoted to teach how to play better golf by learning the basic steps to perfect golf. Home: Golf Swing: Lesson 1: Lesson 2: Therefore if you want to reach the stage of having a well structured golf swing it is vital that you learn the basic principles and the basic movements of the golf swing and practice these movements until.

Basic of East Coast Swing - The combination of two triple steps and a rock step form the basic step of triple timing swing or the East Coast Swing. The step timing is usually called out as 1&2, 3&4, 5,6. Ball-Change - Here we see a sequence of two steps called a ball-change. Weight on the ball of the foot is changed to the other foot At address, tilt your spine away from the target so that your right shoulder is lower than your left, and position the ball just forward of the low point of your swing, opposite your left armpit

Mar 16, 2016 - Learn the West Coast Swing Basic Steps for Beginner WCS. In this video, we cover everything you need to know as a Beginner WCS dancer. Sugar Push, Side Passe.. Mar 2, 2012 - Learn the East Coast Swing 6-Count Basic step. The basic pattern is quite simple: triple step, triple step, rock step. Follow the diagrams and watch the videos RULES • Rules : • 1. Perform with your partner or without partner • 2. Take a short video of yourself dancing the basic steps of the swing dance. Make sure to perform with partner. • 3.Your presentation will only 1 to 2 mins only. Rubric for the Dance • You are expected to perform the dance properly after the teacher demonstrate and the teach the basic skills in dancing swing and. Lindy Hop Basic Steps . Answer: There are so many places one could start when learning lindy hop. I would first suggest understanding the Fundamentals and how to do the basic 8 count swing out. Popular opinion may say this social dance is complicated to learn, but I firmly believe it can be simple - not easy

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Swing dance steps - East Coast Swing basic steps for beginner Like the forehand, the basic swing pattern starts on one side of your body, moves forward and across, and ends on the other side of your body. But unlike the forehand, the backhand is hit with the back of your dominant hand facing the direction of the stroke It involves a basic sequence of steps that include a side step, a step behind the support foot, another sidestep, and a step across the support foot. There may be some variations across different dance styles but the side steps and other steps across the support foot are a common feature

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5 Easy Dance Steps for Beginners (GIF) The following steps are kept easy-to-follow yet fun. They are designed and chosen by Kathryn to build one's confidence towards dancing and tapping their interests in dancing. Even if you don't have a natural talent for dancing, skills can always be learnt and improved with practice Cha-Cha Basic: The Cha-Cha is a dance originating from Cuba and is danced to music by the same name, derived from the synchronization of the fourth beat in the music.These instructions will teach you how to do the basic step of the Cha-Cha Basic Swing Steps to Review: Timing for Swing. 1 (2/3 beat) (Tri) a (1/3 beat) (Ple) 2 (whole beat) (Step) 3 (2/3 beat) (Tri) a (1/3 beat) (Ple) 4 (whole beat) (Step) 5 (whole beat) (Rock) 6 (whole beat) (Step) Triple-Lindy Basic (Triple-Step Basic) for Men. Starting with weight on right foot; Left foot to the side (Tri) Right foot together (Ple

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His swing had many keys that made it so fundamentally sound, and to break it down we had GOLF Top 100 Teacher Rick Silva join us. Watch the video above or read below for more. Setup Swing Dancing Basic Steps By Caroline Peterson. Learning some swing dancing basic steps can get you in that sexy new figure in no time at all. Ballroom dancing is one of the most enjoyable things. The swing phase makes up the other 40% of the gait cycle. There are also important support phases known as: Single support phase; Initial double support phase; Terminal double support phase; Single support phase is also known as the swing phase where only one limb in in contact with the ground. In normal gait, this phase comprises between 60-72. The following tennis lesson helps you develop the modern forehand technique, which allows you to hit forehands with effortless power while maintaining high consistency of your shots. Most tennis players struggle with forehands when they have to finish short balls or when they try to dictate the rallies from the baseline because they don't know [ In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to swing dance Lindy Hop. Users will learn 3 steps the basic step, the send out and the swing out. Begin with a comfortable V position with the partner. The male's hand should be on the female's upper back and the female's hand on the male's shoulder. Then hold each others hand. The basic step has 6 counts

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Java Swing is an API for providing graphical user interface elements to Java Programs.Swing was created to provide more powerful and flexible components than Java AWT (Abstract Window Toolkit). In this article we will use Java Swing components to create a simple calculator with only +, -, /, * operations The Java Swing library is built on top of the Java Abstract Widget Toolkit (AWT), an older, platform dependent GUI toolkit.You can use the Java GUI programming components like button, textbox, etc. from the library and do not have to create the components from scratch Swing dance use contemporary jazz music and the basic steps used are the rock step and triple step. Jive music is 4/4 time rhythm with six beat count of rock step and two triple steps. Swing is a six or eight beat count dance though most of swing dances are four count basic rhythms. Jive is breath-taking and requires great stamina Check .Ballroom dance steps. Visit for more basic dance steps. In this video we will show you a beginner level Rumba combination.Beginner Foxtrot DVD dance lesson is available for download at: This Beginner Foxtrot lesson is the perfect step-by-step guide Basic Steps To Improving Your Golf Swing. The game of golf is truly an individual sport. The basics are the same for everyone; however, due to the differences in people's body types no two people will ever have the same golf swing. Each person will have to adapt their bodies to perform a proper golf swing in their own way

Swing dance, Social dance form dating from the 1940s. Danced in the U.S. to swing music, the dance steps have distinct regional variations, including forms such as the West Coast swing, the East's jitterbug-lindy, the South's shag, and in Texas the push (Dallas) and the whip (Houston). Performance versions include extreme athletic moves that distinguish them from everyday social swing dance This site has possibly the best beginner's basic steps considering all factors: Short, clear & to the point. Easy to navigate. Learn the Basics of West Coast Swing - Michael Kiehm 1. The Side Basic. This basic dance step is easy to master and works great with 80% of the songs they play at weddings and parties. You can dance it slowly to slower songs or speed it up for songs with faster tempo. Not only can you dance this step with a partner, you can also use it as a solo dance move Stack and Tilt Golf Swing Basic No 1 - according to Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer Hit the ground in the same spot past the ball every time (Low Point Control) According to Mike Bennett and Andy Plummers' system the first basic should be to hit the ground with the club past the ball in the same place every time

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Foxtrot Basics. Foxtrot is a smooth dance, traveling around the line of dance. The long walking movements involve a subtle rise & fall action. Turning movements are similar to Waltz, but with a more moderate rise and fall, and more length-wise action In practice on the social dance floor, the six count steps of the East Coast Swing are often mixed with the eight count steps of Lindy Hop, Charleston, and less frequently, Balboa. Basic technique Single-step Swing East Coast Swing has a 6 count basic step. This is in contrast to the meter of most swing music, which has a 4 count basic rhythm Repetition will mold the steps into one Sweet Swing. Practice them in stop form one phase at a time: Load-stop, Step-stop, Hips-stop, Hands-stop, Power V-stop, Finish-stop. Progress to slow motion movements where the stops have less time in between them. Do this slow motion swing over and over and over in proper sequence

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The steps will become more and more complex as your expertise increases. This is usually a six-beat or eight-beat dance and can be broken into more counts to simplify the learning process. The western line dancing steps are known to be great―are a visual treat for onlookers and are included in the popular types of dances Product Title KidKraft Lawnmeadow Playset / Swing Set. Average Rating: (4.2) out of 5 stars 23 ratings, based on 23 reviews. Current Price $730.80 $ 730. 80. Add to cart. Product Image. Product Title Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset. Average Rating: (4.5) out of 5 stars 469 ratings, based on 469 reviews Now, those steps can be replaced later with fancier moves like triple steps, or shuffle steps, or any of that, but if you master this really basic rhythym, you'll be well prepared for that. Follow Just to clarify for the follows, the footwork is: Beats 1-2 Right Beats 3-4 Left Beat 5 Step back with Right Beat 6 Shift weight to Lef Swing dance is a popular form of entertainment today. It developed together with the jazz genre of music in the 1920's to 30's. There are many forms and subcategories of swing but one of the.

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Jun 14, 2017 - West Coast Swing Basic Steps // Beginner WCS - YouTub The swing plane is the ideal arc the golf club travels around the body to produce the most effective golf swing. Six Steps of the Golf Swing. The golf swing is a mechanical process. You will find greater success with your golf swing if you practice the basic mechanics and then work on repeating those basics the same way for each swing Looking for the best west coast swing instructional videos? We have the best country dance instructional videos for social dancers. WCS, Two Step, Cha Cha, Swing and mor Full swing tips and drills from some of Golf Channel's most celebrated instructions. Featuring The Professor, Martin Hall Balboa is usually separated in two forms: pure-bal, danced in closed position, and bal-swing, where the dancers are separated and lot of turns are performed. The basic steps of Balboa are very simple and allow for a variety of footwork variations. When you are more experienced and confident with your basics you can start learning new moves.

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Steps on Broadway Daily professional & adult classes, in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip-hop, theater and more. Professional Training Program, Workshops & Master Classes, Morning Fit. Youth Programs. Training the dancers of tomorrow. Dance classes for ages 18 mos.-18 yrs.. In a sea of technology, social media marketing and five steps programs to driving the ball 300+ yards, this book gets right down to business and what the golf swing is really all about. If you take the teachings and then go online and see the many slow motion videos of Mr. Hogan's swing, then you can really see how it all comes together Basic technique. Single-step Swing. East Coast Swing has a 6 count basic step. This is in contrast to the meter of most swing music, which has a 4 count basic rhythm. In practice, however, the 6-count moves of the east coast swing are often combined with 8-count moves from the Lindy hop, Charleston, and Balboa

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Swing your racket forward as hard as you can and there you go A Smash! Knowing how to smash doesn't make you a pro. Smashing with the right technique is the key to bring your badminton skills to the next level. Smashing hard doesn't win you points. But smashing smart does

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