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Kisame is a powerful member of Akatsuki who successfully captured the Four-Tailed Monkey's jinchūriki, Rōshi, all by himself, despite noting his target's exceptional powers. Though a difficult task, by his own admission, Kisame merely complained that he was a bit tired Kisame. Kisame Hoshigaki (干柿鬼鮫, Hoshigaki Kisame ), the Monster of the Hidden Mist (霧隠れの怪人, Kirigakure no Kaijin ), was a missing-nin from Kirigakure, a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and was partnered with Itachi Uchiha within Akatsuki Kisame Hoshigaki (in Japanese: 干柿鬼鮫, Hoshigaki Kisame) is one of the recurring antagonists in the manga and anime TV show Naruto. He is a member of the Akatsuki, and partnered with Itachi Uchiha. He serves as a supporting antagonist in the Search for Tsunade arc, one of the two secondary antagonists in the Kazakage Rescue arc, and a supporting antagonist in the Five Kage Summit arc and the Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown arc Kisame joined akatsuki because he wanted to see the realization of a dream world with no lies come to fruition. Madara recruited him because he was a loyal soldier that was willing to do what is necessary. Nothing to do with Itachi. InFam0us, Aug 26, 201

After killing his superior, Kisame became a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, and shortly after that he met Obito/Tobi who convinced him to leave the village and join the Akatsuki-where he was eventually partnered with Itachi. Kisame possessed Samehada, a massive scaled sword that eats chakra, and he was able to fuse with it to become a real shark-man Inspirado em Travis Scott Quer escutar essa musica no Spotify?https://open.spotify.com/artist/7w4W5Yr7oTBAqhglv0IP87Já dá aquela chegada no novo canal boladã..

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  1. vídeo original : https://youtu.be/E0HOxm08mIgvoice maker
  2. Kisame Hoshigaki was an S-rank Missing-nin from Kirigakure and one of Akatsuki's most powerful members. Prior to defecting from his village, he was one of the most powerful gerneration of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist's members. He was partnered with Itachi Uchiha
  3. The reincarnated Akatsuki. In preparation for the war, Kisame Hoshigaki infiltrates Kumogakure to gather intelligence on the Shinobi Alliance, as well as to learn the location of the two remaining tailed beasts. He dies in the process, but not before sending what he has learned to Obito
  4. Kisame Hoshigaki Hoshigaki Kisame is a fugitive ninja of Kirigakure and parntnernya Itachi Uchiha. Unlike most of the other partner in Akatsuki, Kisame has a good relationship with Itachi. While Itachi is assigned to capture Naruto, Kisame is the target of the Demon tailed Jinchuuriki four, an old man who defeated with difficulty

6,647 Likes, 138 Comments - Kisame Hoshigaki |Naruto (@1kisame1) on Instagram: Describe konan in three words ! . #konan #naruto #boruto #akatsuki #kisame #anime Kisame Hoshigaki Kisame - NARUTO - Image #1242305 - Zerochan Anime Image Boar Kisame is kind of underestimated in strength, because even though samehada abandoned him, he still was able to absorb a lot of killer bee's chakra, and he survived a tough situation like against two jinchuriki and a moukton user, but chose to kill himself to make sure the report gets to the akatsuki View, comment, download and edit naruto kisame Minecraft skins Kisame turns away and takes few steps forward when a firm grip on his sleeve stops him. He turns towards (Y/N) and looks at her hand, feeling confused and sad at the same time. He wants nothing more than just to pull her to him, kiss her lips and tell her how important she is to him Kisame Fusion is a mode that can be found on the Akatsuki Base. This Sub-Jutsu has a 50% chance to spawn outside the Akatsuki Base every 3 hours and always spawns inside the Akatsuki Base every 2 hours. When it spawns, Kisame will appear, with the scroll at his feet

Ever since he joined, Itachi's participation in the Akatsuki was not to assist in its endeavors, but to keep an eye on the organization and ensure that whatever might follow, the Leaf would be safe. Despite these noble intentions, he would attack Konoha alongside Kisame on multiple occasions and would have kidnapped Naruto if not for the heroic. The Akatsuki was a secret criminal organization that gathers most of the major antagonists and later the main antagonists of the Naruto series. The Akatsuki contains over 10 official members, a handful of unofficial members, and all except for one are males

View, comment, download and edit kisame Minecraft skins Read Kisame x reader part 1 from the story Akatsuki X reader oneshots and lemons by LovingFictionalGuys with 12,380 reads. tobi, deidara, obito. Don't call me.. Sep 9, 2020 - Explore WindyHaruko's board Kisame on Pinterest. See more ideas about Akatsuki, Itachi, Naruto

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  2. (Kisame) Kisame of the Akatsuki Hidden in mist I'm a monster Jinchuuriki power now combined With Samehada Eat ya chakra yeah I'm flexing Underwater sharkskin Powerful a sword in hand That makes me one of seven I'm a menace and I'll kill for you Cuz I like the pain Arrange an assassinatio
  3. cs 1.6 cheat-done by David ,kisame the akatsuki. Before using the following codes, you must fist enable them by using the server machine and typing in sv_cheats 1. Once this is done, you must choose a level: changelevel [Name of Map]. After selecting the level, you can then go ahead and type in the code for the desired Effect you want to use
  4. hoshigaki kisame akatsuki bnha crossover askblog thank u for the 1st legit ask!! i had so much fun drawing this :D i wanted to us emy own handwriting bud man its unreadable asks for kisame bnhakatsuki ask the student

Jul 30, 2020 - The Monster of the Hidden Mist, formerly of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen, wielder of Samehada, and member of the Akatsuki. See more ideas about Akatsuki, Naruto, Naruto characters The only instance in Naruto Shippuden (that I can remember) where we get an explanation is in episode 81. In this episode pain is talking to hidan about the reasons shinobi fight. The following is a list of the Akatsuki member shown on screen duri..

Kisame watched the beautiful girl glide about the water as if she were born to swim. She was truly one of the most amazing girls he had ever met. _____ forgot Kisame was even there and let herself feel the freedom the water gave her. The amazing feeling only heightened when Kisame finally showed his face and wrapped his arms around her waist 11 Kisame Hoshigaki With a somewhat monstrous appearance and the strength to back it up, Kisame Hoshigaki is one of the most capable members of the Akatsuki. Already a threat with his wide assortment of water-based jutsu, Kisame's strength is magnified further when he uses the living sword Samehada in battle Tons of awesome Akatsuki wallpapers HD to download for free. You can also upload and share your favorite Akatsuki wallpapers HD. HD wallpapers and background image

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Hidan Tobi Konan Pein Obito Kakuzu Itachi Uchiha Yahiko Kisame Hoshigaki Nagato Uzumaki. Reiko had been running for her life when she crossed paths with the criminal organization known as Akatsuki. When they came along, she didn't have to run anymore Kisame then commits suicide by summoning sharks and allowing them to eat him, but not before using one of them to steal back the information he had compiled and send it to the Akatsuki. [ ch. 508 ] His voice actor in the Japanese anime is Tomoyuki Dan ; [28] in English, he is voiced at first by Michael McConnohie , later by Kirk Thornton Find and download Kisame Wallpaper on HipWallpaper. | See more Kisame Wallpaper, Kisame Itachi Wallpaper, Kisame Akatsuki Wallpaper, Kisame Zabuza Wallpaper, Kisame Hoshigaki Wallpaper, Kisame Shark Mode Wallpaper. HiP Wallpaper Home. Beach Black Chanel Сolors Cute Inspirational London Louis Vuitton Minimalist NBA Night Orange

Okay, so we have Sasuke Vs the Akatsuki. I'm swapping in Pain for Nagato. So we have Deidara Hidan Sasori Itachi Konan Nagato Obito Kisame Hidan And Zetsu I'm going to list Sasuke's abilities but not the Akatsuki because I think it'll be too long... Akatsuki Itachi Uchiha Kisame Hoshigaki Naruto. 1920x1200 Anime Naruto ajak60. 68 56,900 5 0 Akatsuki. 1280x1024 Anime Naruto ajak60. 68 30,263.

The Akatsuki was a secret criminal organization that gathers most of the major antagonists and later the main antagonists of the Naruto series. The Akatsuki contains over 10 official members, a handful of unofficial members, and all except for one are males Info: Kisame engaged in murder and rebellion in his home country, fleeing Mist he joined Akatsuki.Kisame is partnered with Uchiha Itachi. He was assigned to capture the Yonbi Jinchuuriki and did so with little difficulty. When he was sent to capture the Hachibi Jinchuuriki Killer Bee, he was forced to merge with Samehada View the profiles of people named Kisame Akatsuki. Join Facebook to connect with Kisame Akatsuki and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power..

Cheap Anime Costumes, Buy Quality Novelty & Special Use Directly from China Suppliers:Anime Naruto Akatsuki Hoshigaki Kisame Deluxe Cosplay Costume 6 in 1 Full Combo Set (Cloak+T Shirt+Pants+Headband+Boots+Ring) Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return @princearagorn1: @dondave: . I don't think Samehada could absorb Susano'o, even if it could it would be too big of a mass to absorb, sort of like if Kisame tried absorbing Killer Bee's Bijuu form. Kisame Hoshigaki, feared as the Monster of the Hidden Mist (Kirigakure no Kaijin), was an S-rank missing-nin from Kirigakure's Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and was partnered with Itachi Uchiha when the latter joined Akatsuki.Kisame loves to fight and would not hesitate to mutilate his opponents Kisame stroke a pose for the girl which made Hidan and Deidara laugh, even Itachi chuckled. The little girl had stars in her eyes and Nagato mind started to form . thank you , thank you, thank you, you are the best, I bet you will be a legend in the future the little girl squickt and startet to run in some direction Zerochan has 4,953 Akatsuki (NARUTO) anime images, wallpapers, HD wallpapers, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, cosplay pictures, screenshots, facebook covers, and many more in its gallery

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Akatsuki vs Ten Commandments Round 1: Hidan vs FraudrinRound 2: Orochimaru vs Melascula Round 3: Kakuzu vs GrayroadRound 4: Kisame vs GalandRound 5

#kisame; #kisame hoshigaki; #akatsuki; #fanart; deadnotsleep1ng Originalmente publicado por deadnotsleep1ng. deadnotsleep1ng: Was feeling nostalgic so I had to get it out of my system. I'm surprised, he wasn't as much of a pain as I thought he'd be 路‍♀️. This is how Akatsuki eventually caught wind of him. Sometime after Orochimaru left Akatsuki, Deidara was located by Itachi Uchiha, Kisame Hoshigaki, and Sasori, who were under the orders of the leader, Pain, to recruit him. Deidara refused at first, resulting in Itachi challenging him, promising to leave him alone if Deidara won

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Itachi Vs The Third Mizukage Jinchuuriki and His FirstNaruto Wallpaper and Background Image | 1600x1200 | ID[49+] Akatsuki Wallpaper iPhone on WallpaperSafariWho would win, The Ten Commandments (seven deadly sins) or
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